Football Team Shows Up To Autistic Kid's Birthday Party

An Idaho boy with autism had the best birthday ever, thanks to a local football team stepping up to save the day. 

Lindsay Larsen gave her son, Christian, 25 invitations to hand out to his classmates. Only one person responded yes. The mom shared the invite on Facebook and explained the situation. It caught the attention of her friend from Texas. “Her kind initiative, made a birthday miracle happen,” Larsen said. Apparently her friend knew Nampa High School’ Football Coach Dan Holtry and they were only 20 minutes away. Dan said soon has he sent a group text to his entire team, they were all on board. 

The day of Christian’s ninth birthday the team arrived chanting his name and they brought gifts. “He just looked so happy to see us!” one of the Nampa player shared. “He just wanted to play football and were all so excited to be there.” His mom said she’s grateful the community came together for her son.

Source:Sunny Skyz