Pawn Shop Worker Get Stolen Special Needs Bike Back To Family

About a week after two special needs bikes were stolen from a Sacramento home, one has been found and returned, thanks to a pawn shop worker. The bikes belong to Ted Kelts, a 20-year-old nonverbal man with a rare form of Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, a condition that leaves him with limited muscle tone, as well as physical and intellectual disabilities. Joseph Contreras,a worker at Loyalty Pawn, recognized one of the bikes from the news when someone tried to bring it in to sell. After he mentioned to the person that they needed to make sure the bike wasn’t the stolen one, the person immediately left. But the shop has surveillance video of the people and got their ID before they left, and he turned the stolen bike over to police, who returned it to Ted.

“It was our honor to return the bike to the Kelts family who was very appreciative,”Sacramento police write in a tweet.

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