Former child star from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, appeared on Tuesd

Paris Themmen, a former child star who played Mike Teavee in the 1971 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, appeared on Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy. Paris did not mention his acting past when host Alex Trebek asked the contestants about their personal lives. He was introduced as an "entrepreneur" and "avid backpacker."  However, fans of Charlie and the Factory immediately recognized him and started tweeting. One fan wrote,  "I was making dinner in the kitchen, listening to Jeopardy when Alex Trebek started introducing contestants at the break. He said @ParisThemmen and I ran out saying MIKE TEEVEE! My wife thought I was nuts." The former actor ultimately finished in second place with $6,800 in winnings. BTW... his wife Nikki is a two-time champion.