4 Florida Cities Make Top 10 Best Places For Veterans To Call Home

Silhouette of soldier saluting the American flag

Silhouette of soldier saluting the American flag

WalletHub is out with its rankings of the best places to live for veterans and Tampa is number one, but there are three other Florida cities in the Top 10.

Orlando ranks 3rd, St. Petersburg is 9th and Jacksonville is 10th.

WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez says that despite topping the list, there's one thing Tampa could work on...more VA clinics.

"Because there are a pretty good number of vets there already, there could be a little bit more when it comes to just the number of the health facilities there."

She says the same goes for most of the state.

Gonzalez says Orlando is especially propelled to number 3 overall by its extremely low level of unemployment among those who have fought for our freedom.

"The veteran unemployment rate in Tampa was 3.3 percent. In Orlando, it's 1.3 percent, which is the lowest in the country."

The economy rankings are mostly in the teens for the four Florida cities in the Top. Home prices and rent rates are likely the reason why.

"Although income has grown in a lot of these Florida cities, the income might be higher in other states where the housing is also a little bit cheaper."

A fifth Florida city ranks 33rd on this list...Miami.

Hialeah is the worst ranked Florida city, at 83. Veterans there earn just $27,000 a year on average.

WalletHub conducted this study in honor of Veterans Day, Monday.

Click Here to check out the full list, which has Detroit, Michigan at the worst place for veterans to call home.

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