Car Burglaries: The Crime Trend That's Under The Radar In Boca Raton

It's been a busy week of news out of Boca Raton, with the scare at Town Center, which turned out to be a balloon popping and the vote by the Palm Beach County School District to hire Police Chief Dan Alexander for the new position of Director of School Police. But flying under the radar is a crime that continues to plague neighborhoods throughout the burglaries.

"People leaving valuables in their vehicles...everything from wallets, credit cards to firearms in unlocked vehicles. We have criminals that will go into a neighborhood in the middle of the night, try door handles and seeing what they find."

Officer Bart Galletta in the agency's Crime Prevention Unit says you should always bring your valuables in at night, lock your car's doors and keep your driveway well lit.

"In reviewing some of these videos, you'll actually see some of the criminals avoid driveways that are well lit. They'll actually skirt those areas and go to driveways where they have the ability to steal a little bit more under the cover of darkness."

He expects vehicle burglaries to pick up in commercial areas as we get closer to the holiday season.

This is National Crime Prevention Month and you can get more tips Here.

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