11 year old raising money to save gorillas

For years, 11-year-old Addy Barrett of Germantown, Maryland, has been visiting the National Zoo in Washington and paying special attention to the gorillas there.

She has become friends with Meredith Bastian, who’s the curator of primates there. And, she’s been working hard to raise money to help save gorillas out in the wild.

Addy has sold T-shirts and homemade cookies for the cause. And, she hosts an annual Gorilla Gala. All of her efforts have helped her raise more than $7,000 for conservation groups.

Because of all these efforts, Addy was recently named a winner of the 2019 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.

Addy plans to continue raising money and awareness for the gorillas and hopes to see one in the wild one day.

But until then, she’ll continue to visit the National Zoo and continue to learn from Meredith -- as well as the gorillas themselves.


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