Teacher carries student on his back so she could attend field trip

Fourth grader Ryan Neighbors of Jeffersontown, Kentucky, has been in a wheelchair all her life, but that condition usually doesn’t slow her down at school. She’s able to get around the halls at school and take care of business at her desk.

But, when it was announced the class was taking a field trip to a state park, it looked like Ryan would be left behind -- and would have to go on an alternative field trip.

A teacher at the school -- Jim Freeman -- heard about the unique situation and refused to leave Ryan behind.

Jim used a special backpack to carry Ryan along the rugged terrain so she could see fossils and all the other stuff her classmates did.

Jim’s generosity will never be forgotten by Ryan or her mother, Shelly, who was thankful that her daughter was cared for by someone who literally went the extra mile to make sure Ryan didn’t feel left out.


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