Single dad has fostered over 50 young men in the last 12 years

During his time working as a social worker in New York City, 61-year-old Guy Bryant saw first-hand how important it was for troubled young men to have a stable home life.

So through the years, Guy stepped up and provided a stable life to more than 50 young men by becoming a foster parent to them.

Not only did he open his apartment to men in need, but he also rented an upstairs apartment to help as many as possible.

During the time these young men are with Guy, he helps them get ready to join the workforce and makes sure they have access to mental and physical health care services.

But that’s not all. He also creates lasting bonds with each and every man who comes through his door by spending time with them, going on fishing expeditions a few times a year and sometimes cooking meals with them.

Guy has zero plans of retiring anytime soon, especially when he sees so many children still in need of help. And, he vows to always be there for the men he’s helped, explaining that anyone who’s been with him is his kid for life.


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