The dirtiest beaches in America

A lot of people love a day at the beach, but going into the water is a whole other story. While things like sharks and other creatures may keep some folks from enjoying the ocean, a new report reveals there really is a whole other thing to worry about. 

The Environment America Research and Policy Center just came out with a report revealing the dirtiest beaches in America, and they’re not talking about some garbage left on the sand. No, the report focuses on the water, singling out beaches with water that had bacteria counts over the EPA standard, which can sicken swimmers.

The report notes the main problem is fecal matter from people or animals, usually coming from sewer overflow or when waste on the street washes into streams or creaks, eventually reaching the lake or ocean. And while that sounds scary, researchers note that most of the year beaches are safe, but there are certain days where these counts can spike.

  • The report breaks down beaches by state, and it seems folks in Chicago may want to reconsider ever going in the water. Apparently 19 of their 19 beaches were considered potentially unsafe for swimming on at least one day in 2018, with South Shore beach considered unsafe 93 of the 98 days tested. 


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