Man saves money his whole life to help strangers go to college

More than 10 years after his death, a carpenter in Des Moines, Iowa, is still impacting the lives of others by providing them with college tuition.

Dale Schroeder, was born in 1919 and worked as a carpenter for 67 years at the same business in Des Moines. Through the years, he saved almost $3 million. And then, before he died in 2005, Dale set up a scholarship fund, explaining to his lawyer that he hadn't had the chance to go to college -- but wanted others to be able to get an education.

So, that’s exactly what’s been happening. Through the years, underprivileged college students in the area have been surprised by calls from that lawyer that their educations are being paid for by a man they never met.

The scholarship fund ended up helping a group of 33 students, calling themselves “Dale's Kids.”

The legacy Dale started now lives on, as Dale's Kids are making their mark on the world. And, the hope is that these students are able to pay it forward, helping others in the same way that Dale helped them.


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