Cocktails for keto

Weight loss and alcohol don’t go hand-in-hand. However, there are smarter ways to drink where you can do far less damage to the physique you’re trying to carve out for yourself. First, there are some ground rules to pay attention to:

  • Beer is not your friend. The average beer has 12 to 15 carbs. Stay away.
  • A glass or two of wine is okay, but keep in mind there are still 3 to 7 carbs at play, and more if you’re going with sweetened or fortified wines.
  • Spirits are where it’s at. No carbs, but there are calories.
  • Watch out for sugars. Those tasty craft cocktails have syrups and juices that can pack on the carbs and counteract everything you’re doing for yourself.
  • Some keto-friendly mix-ins include bitters, cucumber or bell pepper, herbs, citrus juice and peel, or some liquid no-cal sweetener.

With all that in mind, here are some keto-cocktails recommended by the Food Network.

  • White Wine Spritzer –Fill a glass ¾ with dry white wine, and the other ¼ with club soda.
  • Cucumber Mojito –In a shaker, muddle fresh mint & cilantro, cucumber slices, and lime juice. Then add a couple ounces of white rum and four ounces of club soda. Shake it and strain it.
  • Vanilla-Orange Bourbon –Grab a cocktail glass with some ice and add a dash of vanilla extract, a twist of orange, and a couple drops of bitters to two ounces of your favorite bourbon.
  • Moscow Fool-ed You –Muddle some mint leaves, thinly sliced ginger, and some lime juice. Then, mix in four ounces of your favorite vodka and some seltzer or diet ginger ale.
  • Bell Pepper-Basil Gin –Muddle fresh basil and thinly sliced red bell pepper in a shaker. Then, fill it with ice, two ounces of gin, and some club soda or seltzer. Shake and strain.
  • Tequila Sunrise-ish –Put some ice in a cocktail glass and add two ounces of tequila, an orange twist, and stir in some cherry seltzer.


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