The beauty trends that will be big in July

We love July for its long days, long weekends, and all the BBQs, but it’s not always easy to keep things cute when it’s 90-degree weather. That’s why this month’s beauty trends are all about working with the scorching heat. These are the looks we’ll be seeing in July.

  • Neon eyeliner- Trade in your usual smoky shadows for some neon liner instead this month. With the rest of your makeup at a minimum, the vivid color helps your eyes shine.
  • White cat eyes- Another summer statement eye is a crisp, white line along the upper eyelids and flicked at the ends.
  • Fluorescent nail polish- More ultra brites, but this time on your nails. If you’re not into full Day-Glo on your tips, use neon polish as an accent instead.
  • Loosely-crimped waves- But this isn’t the cringy crimped look from the ‘80s, this time it’s looser and more beachy, without the backcombed bangs.
  • Flushed cheeks- Why fight the flush that happens in the summer heat when you can enhance it with warm-toned blush and lipstick to match.
  • Orange lipstick- Ease into the bold look by patting the color onto your lips using your fingertips. It’ll soften the edges and sheer the shade out so it’s not quite so intimidating.
  • Breezy bobs- In case you haven’t heard, the haircut of the season is a shoulder-clearing bob, so your neck stays nice and cool this summer.


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