The best exercises to ease anxiety

There’s no miracle cure for anxiety, but many people find some relief in working out. Exercise helps to distract your mind and when you do it, the body releases endorphins, which make you feel good. But certain types of workouts are more beneficial than others when you’re feeling anxious, so it’s good to know which sweat sesh will help most. Former rugby player and founder of well being brand The Strength Temple Richie Norton has suffered with anxiety and depression himself and knows how much exercise helps and these are the physical activities he says are most helpful for people with anxiety.

  • Yoga- It’s been scientifically proven to help ease stress and anxiety symptoms, but there are lots of different kinds of yoga out there, but two types - Restorative or Vinyasa - are both known to really help with anxiety. Yoga helps when you’re feeling anxious because it distracts the mind by switching the focus from your thoughts to the breath.
  • Calisthenics- This form of exercise uses only the weight of your body and gravity as resistance, so you can do it anywhere, at any time. Norton explains, “Animal-style movements can help to free you of your inhibitions while gently taking you out of your comfort zone and building confidence.”
  • Walking outside- Being outdoors in the fresh air can provide mental clarity and release tension. Norton advises heading to a green space in a park or out in the country and find a spot to relax and do some deep, full, balanced slow breaths to help calm your system.


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