Help NASA decide where to land on an asteroid

Scientists at NASA are working on a cool project. They want to land a remote-controlled spaceship on an asteroid named Bennu and pick up some samples.

In order to increase their chances of success, they’re asking regular people like you and me to help them figure out exactly where on the asteroid to land the gadget.

Right now, the spacecraft is orbiting the asteroid. NASA has pictures of it. And, they’ve released those pictures to the public. So take a look and see if you can find a good landing spot– and also if there’s anything else that might be “scientifically interesting.”

If all goes well, the sample collection will occur in July of next year – and the spacecraft will return to Earth in September 2023.

You have a chance – right now – to be a part of this space mission.

And, you don’t even need a big-shot college degree or mega-mind IQ to pitch in.