Man saved by a stranger...who wasn't such a stranger

A Canadian man on vacation in Florida is lucky to be alive, and it's all thanks to a random stranger -- who just happened to be from the same hometown.

Tom Reddon was walking with a friend in Tampa when he suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk and lost consciousness.

His friend called 911 and then a stranger ran over to help. Sandy MacNeill, who has taken a CPR class but never actually performed it on anyone, started doing chest compressions and kept doing them until an ambulance finally arrived.

Reddon was rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest and survived. He was told that the chances of surviving such a heart attack are typically very low, but he was very lucky because of MacNeill's help.

Reddon was then shocked to learn that MacNeill was also on vacation and happened to be from the same hometown -- Fredricton, New Brunswick.

He says, "“It’s freaky. We got along famously well, and I think we’ll get together when we get back in Fredericton over a craft beer or two and talk about life and stuff.”