The best cities to start a career

If you’re looking to start a new career, where you live could go a long way towards making it a successful one. While most people just move close to where they grew up, or maybe where they went to school, others seek out cities where they have a better chance of making it, and thanks to a new study by WalletHub, we now know where those places are. 

The site looked at the 180 cities in the United States, judging them 29 key factors including Professional Opportunities, like the amount of entry level jobs, average starting salary and workforce, as well as Quality of Life, like commute time, average population between 25 and 34, fun-friendliness and more.

Topping the list yet again this year is Salt Lake City, Utah, with a score of 70.03 out of 100, landing in the top spot for Professional Opportunities and second for city Quality of Life.

Top Ten Best Cities To Start A Career

  1. Salt Lake City, UT
  2. Pittsburgh, PA
  3. Atlanta, GA
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Austin, TX
  6. Minneapolis, MN
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. Raleigh, NC
  9. Boston, MA
  10. Denver, CO

On the flipside, Shreveport, Louisiana a comes in dead last with a score of 35.19, and ranking 50th for Professional Opportunities and close to the bottom for Quality of Life.

Ten Worst Cities To Start A Career

  1. Shreveport, LA
  2. Montgomery, AL
  3. Hialeah, FL
  4. Bridgeport, CT
  5. Oxnard, CA
  6. Pearl City, HI
  7. New Haven, CT
  8. Toledo, OH
  9. Newport News, VA
  10. Jackson, MS


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