Moving can be a stressful experience

While buying a new home is certainly an exciting prospect, it comes with one thing most people dread – moving. In fact, for some people, the idea of moving is one of the most stressful things out there. 

A new poll finds that 27% of people think moving is more stressful than a job interview, while another 23% think it causes more stress than planning a wedding. And believe it or not, 13% of people say it’s more stressful that spending a week in jail.

And it certainly sounds like Americans go through a lot when they have to move. According to the survey, it actually takes two and a half months for folks to pack everything up, with most people losing about two nights sleep because of a move. They also put in about four hours of labor and procrastinate for about three hours. Moving can put people so on edge that they’ll likely have at least two arguments with a roommate or partner, and cry at least two times.