The most popular weddings dates

A new Zola report reveals the 10 most popular wedding dates this year, with June, September and October the most popular months, and a majority of the most popular dates landing in the fall. In fact, according to the site, the most popular wedding date this year is Saturday, October 12th, followed by Saturday, October 5th.

Top Ten Most Popular Wedding Dates

  1. Saturday, October 12
  2. Saturday, October 5
  3. Saturday, September 7
  4. Saturday, October 19
  5. Saturday, September 21
  6. Saturday, September 28
  7. Saturday, September 14
  8. Saturday, June 1
  9. Saturday, June 22
  10. Saturday, October 26

And while all of the most popular dates are all Saturdays, Zola notes a rise in popularity of Thursday weddings. Believe it or not, they found that there will be twice as many Thursday weddings in 2019 than there were in 2018. They speculate the reason for this is that Thursdays are probably cheaper, plus more readily available, although they do warn that folks need to give guests plenty of notice since they will likely need to take time off work to attend.

The site also notes that Fridays are the second-most popular day for weddings, and a more popular option than Sunday. Fridays are usually cheaper, and even though they could be inconvenient because of work, people feel they are better than Sunday because most people don’t have to work the next day.