A lot of Americans admit to being a food thief

Have you ever gone into your fridge looking for that snack you were saving for days and realized it was no longer there? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! In fact, a lot of us have been victims of food thieves,and it’s not just at the office.

A new poll finds that 40% of Americans admit to being a food thief, with most people admitting they’ve stolen food from their friends, co-workers and partners. Things get so bad that some people say they’ve had their food stolen from them three times a week. 

Food thieves are particularly rampant in the office, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In fact, 41% of people say they’ve had a co-worker steal food from them, with 38% having that food stolen from the fridge at work, while 25% have had it taken straight from a microwave. As for what people do when their food is stolen, one in three Americans say they’ve stolen food right back, while 35% have left a handwritten note for the thief.

So, what food is most likely to get stolen? Well, at both work and at home chips are the most likely to get jacked, with ice cream just as popular at home, and fruit coming in second at work.

Top Five Foods Most Likely To Be Stolen At Home

1. Chips (40%)

1. Ice cream (40%)

3. Candy (38%)

4. Fruit (35%)

5. Juice (34%)

Top Five Foods Most Likely To Be Stolen At Work

1. Chips (31%)

2. Fruit (28%)

3. Candy (27%)

4. Coffee (26%)

4. Juice (26%)

  • ONE MORE THING!A lot of people will resort to hiding their food in order to keep it safe, and some are pretty sneaky about it.Weird places people have hidden food include:
  • Behind the cleaning supplies
  • In the washing machine
  • In a hole in the snow
  • In the oven
  • In their underwear
  • In the toilet
  • In the sofa
  • In a tampon box
  • In a vase
  • Under the computer