Co-workers restore a car to give to a special employee

For years, William Ritchie of Harrisonburg, Virginia, has been in and out of foster homes. Despite his bumpy life, William – who is turning 20 years old – has always been determined to improve his life by getting an education and finding a job.

William currently works at a tire and repair shop – and has impressed his co-workers so much with his hard work and ambition that they figured out a way to help him once he moves out of foster care and begins life on his own.

William’s boss, Jon Hannah, stepped up and figured out a way to give William a reliable car, free of charge, just in time for his 20th birthday.Jon hooked up with a charity program to get a damaged car that he and William’s co-workers could restore. The co-workers then volunteered hours after work to get the car looking good and running smoothly.


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