Craig Morgan Releases "The Mask" As Ode to Frontline Heroes

Craig Morgan has released a new song to honor frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Morgan dropped "The Mask" on Friday, after debuting the song live during his April 25 Grand Ole Opry broadcast performance. He also previously shared it as a "Gratitune," a consumer generated music platform to celebrate and thank patients and healthcare workers at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Although it was written prior to the pandemic, Morgan chose to release the song now in the hopes of touching people feeling uncertain during this time. He sings, "Cause when I get home and it’s late at night/No one’s around and I turn off the light/I cry and scream, and yell like a crazy man/I don’t have to pretend that I’m doing well/I can tell the world it can go to hell/It’s just me and God when I take off the mask."

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Photo credit: getty images