Reba McEntire Surprises Fan in the Hospital With Facetime Call

Last month, country superstar Reba McEntire surprised a fan who had just had a serious accident, according to Taste of Country. Aspen Allen had been trying to mount a horse when it was spooked and threw her off. She had multiple fractures and a spinal injury; doctors weren't sure she would walk again. While hospitalized, she wasn't allowed to have visitors because of the coronavirus; when she got a call from someone wanting to Facetime, she was shocked it was McEntire. “I cried like a little girl,” Allen says. “It was hard to be in the hospital and being told that one day you might not walk, and then getting a call from Reba just like brought up my morale completely.” A family friend of Allen's is also friends with the star, who agreed to call and wish her well. Allen's recovery went much better than expected; she was home in eight days instead of a month and can walk. "She said she was praying for me every day and she can’t wait until I can walk and, when I’m in Nashville, give me a big hug," Allen says.

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Photo credit: Getty images