"Days of Our Lives" Star Almost Had Legs Amputated Due to COVID-19

While in the hospital because of a horseback riding accident, Days of Our Lives star Judi Evans contracted the coronavirus, according to Entertainment Tonight. A rep shared on Monday that "she nearly had both legs amputated on two different occasions" because of blood clots in her legs. The actress had gone hospital for treatment of multiple broken bones due to her accident and had mild symptoms of COVID-19 before testing. "Fever, aches, a cough and the blood clots," her rep wrote. "On top of everything, when she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully conscience with no numbing of the area!" According to Evans, she was the one who asked for the COVID-19 test. "They had taken me down a few times for tests without a mask on," she said. "They did [the test] and it came back positive," she said in a recent interview. Despite the complications that have arisen, Evans' rep says she's "in good spirits and back to Judi humor." 

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Photo credit: getty images