World's Tallest Dog, Enormous Freddy, Is Now Also World's Oldest Great Dane

A Great Dane got some paws-itively amazing news on his eighth birthday recently: He's now not only the world's tallest dog, he's also the world's oldest Great Dane. The dog, named Enormous Freddy, is over seven feet tall when standing on his hind legs; in 2017, he was named the world's tallest living dog by Guinness World Records. According toThe New York Post,Guinness has now confirmed that Freddy is the also the oldest Great Dane they have on record. Freddy lives in England with his owner, Claire Stoneman, and his sister Fleur, who is from the same litter and is just minutes younger. “Freddy and Fleur had a great birthday party and they both had the best time," says Stoneman. "We decorated the garden and they got loads of their favorite treats and cuddly toys." Even cuter, Freddy's BFF is a 7-year-old neighbor named Erin Manley, who sometimes even calls Freddy before she goes to sleep at night. “He’s so big that he towers over her. She cuddles up to him on the settee to watch television and he just towers over her, but they have a very sweet relationship,” Erin’s dad says. "Erin has never known life without Freddy. She isn’t [fazed] by his height at all and has always been close to him."

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Photo credit: getty images