Epidemiologists Surveyed Say They Won’t Attend Concerts for Another Year

A new poll of epidemiologists reveals some potentially bad news for live-events industries, Uproxx reports. Over half of the 511 infectious disease experts surveyed say they plan to wait more than a year before attending sporting events, plays and live concerts. Epidemiologist Vivian Towe described such activities as "the highest risk," adding, “The addition of alcohol or drugs makes these activities too risky for me to consider anytime soon.” Joseph Wagner, an epidemiologist at the U.S. Air Force School Of Aerospace Medicine, said, "To me, this is a luxury and I can wait a long time until people can safely come together to enjoy it." In theNew York Times survey, over half said they would continue to wear a mask in public for at least another year. Fifty-six percent also said they'll wait three to 12 months before they'll eat at a dine-in restaurant, work in a shared office or send their kids to school or day camp. On the plus side, over 50 percent said they'd be comfortable to start bringing in mail without precautions, going to a doctor's appointment and vacationing overnight within driving distance sometime this summer, while 41 percent said they'd get a haircut at a salon or barber shop this summer. 

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Photo credit: getty images