Man Abandoned In A Box As A Baby Meets Siblings 56 Years Later

A man who was abandoned in a box at a railway tavern as a baby has been reunited with his siblings 56 years later.The Daily Mail reports that Simon Jeffery was nicknamed "Oliver Twist" by hospital staff after he was found with his umbilical cord still attached way back in 1963. "I was found in a wooden corned beef box with two tins of corned beef...I was left outside the ladies toilets," explains Simon, who lives five miles from where he was abandoned. His amazing story was set to be featured on Tuesday night's episode of the British TV series Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace. The show used DNA testing to track down his four surviving siblings, who say they never knew Simon--the youngest sibling--ever existed. Says sister Julie, "I just think [our mother] had six children and he came along and she just couldn't cope with any more." On the show, Simon and Julie also discover they once worked at the same retail store back in 1986.

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Photo credit: getty images