Garth Brooks With Message Of Hope

Garth Brooks was back with another edition of “Inside Studio G” where he talked about what’s going on with the protests over George Floyd. When asked whether the words of his 1992 song “We Shall Be Free” will ever be true, Garth says he’s hopeful that we’ll “get there,” although he adds that he thinks this world is “a lot better than it used to be,” noting that “our history has shown that things have really got outta hand.” Garth shared that wife Trisha Yearwood expressed sorrow that it felt like the “whole world’s burning,” but he reminded her that it isn’t. “The reason why the world isn’t burning is because there’s a lot more people that believe in loving one another than believe in burning the world,” he said, adding “we’ll get through this.”

Garth also noted that the main thing we have to concentrate on is “lovin’ one another.”

Photo: Getty Images