Kristin Cavallari's Ex-Best Friend Addresses Jay Cutler Cheating Rumors

On Tuesday, Kristin Cavallari's former best friend, the stylist Kelly Henderson, said during a podcast interview that she "never" had an affair with the reality-TV star's estranged husband, Jay Cutler. "I have nothing to do with their divorce and I am not dating Jay Cutler," said Henderson, who says she's "not really in touch" with Cavallari and Cutler after they "had a little bit of a falling out last year." In aVery Cavallariepisode that aired in January, Cavallari said of the cheating rumors, "Not for one second have I ever thought that it was true. It wasn't the actual accusations of them having an affair that made me upset, it was how Kelly went about it. I've completely lost my friend."

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Photo credit: getty images