John Rich Isn't Requiring Customers to Wear Masks at Reopened Restaurant

John Rich isn't requiring customers to wear masks in his reopened Nashville eatery. “I think that personal responsibility is a big thing right now,” Rich recently toldTODAYabout his Redneck Riviera. While employees wear masks--and so has he when at the eatery--he doesn't require that customers do the same. “I’ve seen certain governments around our country, I think, overreach with people. I think you got to treat us like adults," he explains. He adds that many customers are choosing to wear masks and that the eatery offers masks if people don't have one. “And a great thing I’ve noticed, and I check in with my management every single day at Redneck Riviera, I say, ‘Has anyone broken rules or tried to get too close or argue with you about any of the rules?’ and the answer has been, ‘Absolutely not,’" he said. “And I think that’s a testament to people’s personal responsibility right now.” 

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Photo credit: getty images