Florida Man Reunited With Prosthetic Leg He Lost While Surfing

Carter Hess was surfing off the coast of St. Andrews, Florida, last month when a gnarly wave separated him from his custom-made, $3,000 prosthetic leg. Weeks passed before 13-year-old Sebastian Morris found Hess' leg mostly buried in a jetty during a treasure hunt with his dad. One of Hess' pals saw a story about Sebastian's bounty in The Panama City News Herald and alerted Hess, who took the boy and his family out to dinner and got his leg back. Hess, a military veteran who lost the leg during an explosion in Afghanistan, calls Sebastian "an amazing, great young man," adding, “A lot of guys, especially treasure hunters, would have just put it in a trophy case—but he realized it could be important and someone could need it.”

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Photo credit: getty images