Reese Witherspoon Reveals She Sometimes Sits In Her Car & Cries

Reese Witherspoon appears onCBS This Morningon Sunday, and revealed that she's not that different than you and I,Page Sixreports. When asked if she ever has one of those days, the actress said, “I’ll lay on the floor and cry or I’ll sit in my car and cry. Sometimes I’m totally overwhelmed.” Witherspoon also said she's driven to try and "change things." “I see younger women in our industry and I want them to have a better experience … I want to see that they have a beautiful idea of what the future could hold.” She also said that she has always bet on herself to succeed. “I will put in the hours and I bet on myself. I’m my own lottery ticket,” Witherspoon said. “I always think that, you know. If no one else shows up, I know I will show up and I know I will do the work.”

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Photo credit: getty images