Someone Flushed a Toilet on Supreme Court's Livestreamed Phone Hearing

A mystery started "swirling" on Wednesday after a toilet flush was heard during the Supreme Court's livestreamed arguments. BuzzFeed reports that the court began holding hearings by phone this week, livestreaming the proceedings to allow the public to listen in live for the first time ever. About an hour into a hearing on banning political robocalls, attorney Roman Martinez was arguing against the ban when a loud flush was heard. While neither Martinez nor any of the justices acknowledged the sound, Twitter sure did. "Did a toilet just flush during #SCOTUS oral arguments?!?" one follower asked, while a septic sleuth tweeted, "The sound of the toilet flushing during Supreme Court arguments is so loud that I have to believe the culprit was IN the bathroom, though not necessarily on the toilet."

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Photo credit: getty images