Jason Alexander Says He Was Offered Money to Leak "Seinfeld" Finale Details

Former Seinfeld stars Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus got together for a video chat on Tuesday, and discussed the hype surrounding the 1998 finale of the beloved sitcom,Page Sixreports. After Louis-Dreyfus recalled the barricades put up to keep out the paparazzi while filming the finale, Alexander revealed that someone tried to bribe him to leak details about the show. “My own publicist — I don’t know if this came for you, too — my publicist was asking me if I was willing to leak out some secrets for money. And I went, ‘They’ll kill us!'” he said. When Louis-Dreyfus asked if he fired the publicist, Alexander quipped, “No, I gave him a raise.” The two stars also talked about iconic episodes of the show, including “The Contest” and “The Chinese Restaurant," during the chat, which was done to raise money for Direct Relief, a charity that is helping health care workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

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