How Grandparents & the Internet Are Helping Parents Stay Sane

As quarantine continues, parents are starting to find that encouraging online interactions between kids and grandparents can be a key to staying sane. The Wall Street Journal reports that as parents try to juggle work, home and kids, grandparents have been able to step in. While some grandparents do plain Face Time conversations, to keep kids interested, they need to get creative with other online choices. Video apps like Together and Caribou allow grandparents to interact with kids through chess and other games. “My 4-year-old will play on it for an hour with my parents, which is really nice when I’m trying to get some work done,” said one mom. Some grandparents read books and do art or dance classes. Bridget Kutz, New Jersey grandma, has been conducting cooking classes over Face Time for her granddaughters. “It’s something we can actually plan on the calendar, it’s an educational experience for the kids and it helps Mom with dinner,” said the girls’ mom.

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photo credit: getty images