Toilet Paper Shortages Begin to Ease Across U.S.

After a month of empty shelves, it appears the great toilet paper shortage across the U.S. is beginning to ease, Reuters reports. While shelves are still empty at about half of American grocery stores as of mid-April, supplies were much better than they were the week before, says products data tracker NCSolutions. Approximately 48 percent of U.S. grocers reported they were out of TP for at least part of the day on April 19, compared to 73 percent a week earlier on April 12. Procter and Gamble executive Rick McLeod said his company, who makes Charmin, noted that "in-stock levels are improving, but not where we want them to be." Analyst Burt Flickinger of the Strategic Resource Group said it was the first week they'd seen adequate stocking levels, after TP stock was “deeply deficient for over 50 days.”

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Photo credit: getty images