Last Weekend's Entire U.S. Box Office Came From Ocala's Drive-in Theater

When it comes to theatrical revenue, Hollywood's fortunes apparently now rest entirely with Florida's Ocala Drive-In. According to ScreenCrush, the venue was the only movie theater to report earning any box office for the weekend of April 17. As the site explains, "That doesn’t mean there is only one theater open in the entire country--a few scattered drive-ins across the U.S. are still operating--just that this is one of the very few still showing new releases and reporting their grosses." For the record, the Ocala Drive-In screened the World War II mime biopic Resistance (starring Jesse Eisenberg) and the psychological thriller Swallow.With each ticket at the drive-in costing $6, each movie apparently brought in $2,150.

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photo credit: getty images