Eric Church Talks About COVID-19 In New Teaser for "Through My Ray Bans"

Eric Church is ready to bring the hurt--and the tunes--to the coronavirus pandemic. This past Saturday, Eric debuted a new teaser for an upcoming track called "Through My Ray Bans" while delivering a defiant message aboutCOVID-19. "Where there once were roars, now there are just echoes. The handshakes and the hugs of yore are now too dangerous. But I don’t believe in fear. I don’t believe in panic. I don’t believe...this damn virus has any idea what it’s up against: the American resolve," Church says at the start of the two-and-a-half-minute clip. He continues, "I feel for our enemy, for it has no chance. It has no prayer. And I believe that our best is yet to come. We shall rage, we shall roar." He then tells fans, "I can't wait to see you again...'Through My Ray Bans,'" before sharing a 30-second snippet of the song. There's no release date yet for the track.

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photo credit: getty images