DJ Jazzy Jeff Tells Will Smith He Can't Remember a 10-Day Period

Is memory loss a symptom of the coronavirus? DJ Jazzy Jeff seems to think so after coming down with what he suspects was COVID-19. "I feel like I'm coming down with something. Got in the bed, don't remember the next 10 days," the 55-year-old DJ (real name: Jeffrey Allen Townes) told his old buddy Will Smith on his new Snapchat series, Will From Home. "My temperature had reached about 103, the chills, I lost smell, I lost sense of taste." Jeff never got a COVID-19 test, but adds, "When I went and got the chest X-Ray, she came in and said pneumonia in both of your lungs." Meanwhile, Smith added that Jeff's normally calm wife, Lynette Jackson, "called me with the panic vibes." Smith then joked, "So I just immediately called [DJ] D-Nice to see if he would be available. I was like, not my DJ!"

photo credit: getty images