Firefighter Trades Hose for Horn to Extinguish the Blues

Firefighter Elielson Silva has taken to playing his trumpet high atop his fire truck's retractable ladder in Rio, attempting to give the pandemic struck city a needed diversion, the AP reports. “Everyone is suffering the pandemic and I’m trying to the boost the morale of Rio’s population, so all this difficulty is lessened in these times we’re going through,” says Silva, an 18-year veteran of the city’s firefighting corps. “Bringing a bit of music, a bit of air, to these people has meant a lot to me as a musician and to the corps.” Silva plays sometimes while 200 feet in the air, and usually focuses on songs about his city and other well-known classics. “Hearing all that music restores our will to be in Rio, our sense of collectiveness,” said resident Renata Versiani. 

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photo credit: getty images