2-Man Brass Band Goes Viral Bringing Hope & Joy to St. Louis Streets

Even when we're six feet apart, we can all "stand by" each other. That's the message a pair of St. Louis roommates sent while parading together down local streets and performing as a two-man brass band. Last week, video went viral that shows Dominique Burton and Benjamin Kosberg playing "Stand by Me" on tuba and trombone while walking down the middle of the road. "Me and my bro did a thing yesterday," Burton, a high school music teacher, tweeted alongside the footage. "Sounded better than I thought." The 28-year-old Kosberg later told STLToday.com, “I was getting stir-crazy at home, so I said let’s just go play. That was all we really planned.” Adds Burton, “It was all spur of the moment. We’d end a song when we got to the end of the street and would just say, ‘Uh, okay, pick another direction.'"

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photo credit: getty images