Prince Charles Opens Up About "Frustrating" Quarantine

After battling coronavirus, Prince Charles issued a rare video statement on Wednesday in which he opened up about dealing with the disease and its impact on the world at large. "This is a strange, frustrating and often distressing experience when the presence of family and friends is no longer possible and the normal structures of life are suddenly removed," the 71-year-old Prince of Wales said. "My wife and I are thinking particularly of all those who have lost their loved ones in such very difficult and abnormal circumstances, and of those having to endure sickness, isolation and loneliness." He added, "Our thoughts and prayers are very much with those marvelous people whose extraordinary skills and utter, selfless devotion to duty...make us so very proud." News broke last week that Charles had tested positive for COVID-19; two days ago, it was reported that he was already out of quarantine. However, Charles clarified in his video, "I now find myself on the other side of the illness, but still in no less a state of social distance and general isolation."

photo credit: BBC