Pink Cuts Her Own Hai While Self-Isolating

This week, Pink admitted she's starting to go stir-crazy--and a little tipsy--while stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis. "Okay everybody, listen. This is my PSA...I don't know how much you guys have been drinking during this whole quarantine thing, but I've decided to make it a sport," she said in an Instagram video. She then revealed that her drunk confidence compelled her to cut her own hair. "When I drink, I get really, really brilliant ideas and last night, I got an idea I can cut hair. I can totally cut hair. Why have I been paying people all this time?" she asked. Then she pulled off her hat to reveal her semi-lopsided new 'do. "I might try to fix it tonight. What do you think?” she asked. “Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair."

photo credit: getty images