Kelly Clarkson Honors Kenny Rogers With Cover from Bathroom "Kellyoke"

Kelly Clarkson honored Kenny Rogers on Tuesday by belting out a cover of his classic "Sweet Music Man" from the privacy of her Montana bathroom. The singer and talk-show host has been hiding out in Big Sky country amid the coronavirus pandemic and re-creating her show's "Kellyoke" covers. "I don't have anywhere to go in this cabin except for the bathroom so you're here with me again," she joked before calling Rogers "a beautiful man. Beautiful songwriter. Beautiful singer. Actor. He did all of the things." And while she admitted that "Sweet Music Man" is a "super depressing" song selection, she added that it was her "favorite" Rogers tune, ending her performance by asking fans, "Isn't it so pretty?" Rogers passed away this past Friday at the age of 81.

photo credit: getty images