Woman Gives Birth in Toilet Paper Aisle of Missouri Walmart

A Missouri woman who was shopping at Walmart got more than she bargained for after going into labor in the store's toilet paper aisle. According to local TV reports, after the woman's water broke, she told store personnel that she gave birth in a half-hour last time she was pregnant. "We were like, 'What do we do now?'" said store manager Jessica Hinkle. "Another lady comes around the corner and she says, 'I'm a labor nurse, can I help?' and we said, 'Yes, yes please.' She had gloves in her pocket [and] she was ready." Hinkle, who said she's "not the best with blood," blocked the birth with a sheet and kept curious onlookers away as firefighters showed up to assist. As it turned out, the woman did give birth quickly--the entire ordeal was around 45 minutes--but mom and baby are doing well. "They took her out on the gurney--there were customers of course gathered [and] she kind of raised her hand, everyone clapped for her," Hinkle said. "You know, [it was] a feel good moment. Everybody's going through so much, and with a baby it's like everything comes full circle.

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photo credit: getty images