Violinists Re Enact "Titanic" Scene, in Empty Toilet Paper Aisles

As the world mourns a global lack of toilet paper, some musicians are finding clever ways to pay tribute to the TP we all need and love. This past Sunday, a Twitter user shared a video of two female violinists performing "Nearer My God to Thee"--the song played on the deck of the sinking boat in the 1997 blockbusterTitanic--while standing in a cleaned-out toilet paper aisle at a big-box store. The two even donned tuxedos and life jackets and ended their performance by declaring, "Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure playing with you tonight." One of the violinists later tweeted, "We are full-time, professional players out of work due to Covid-19. We record music for TV, movies, video games. I hope you enjoy our video and consider hiring us for any remote recording work you may need done!" Meanwhile, the New Hampshire Police Association Pipes and Drums Corps likewise took to the emptied aisles of a Walmart this week to serenade our fallen household staple with "Amazing Grace."

photo credit: getty images