Chicago River Waterway Flows Green Despite Canceled St. Patty's Parade

Is it a St. Patrick's miracle? After the coronavirus forced the city of Chicago to cancel its annual St. Patrick's Day parade--and its tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green--it seems somebody decided to go ahead and do it anyway. This past Saturday, one of the river's waterways was flowing a "distinctive shade of emerald," according to the local PBS affiliate. but "how remains a mystery." Anonymous pranksters are the likely culprit, but not everyone is amused by their antics. Says Margaret Frisbie, executive director of Friends of the Chicago River, “Would you go ‘ha ha’ if someone dyed the Grand Canyon blue?” She also suggested the city officials consider different ways to celebrate the river's role in St. Patrick's Day festivities in the future, like floating shamrock-shaped blocks of ice.

photo credit: getty images