Mandy Moore Has "Dreamy" Musical Household, Including Her Singing Cat

Mandy Moore visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, telling the host that it's "pretty dreamy" to be part of the musical household she shares with her musician husband Taylor Goldsmith, UPI reports. And apparently Goldsmith isn't the only other musician at home, as the couple have a cat named Fig that likes to sing. "Truly, any time I start singing or Taylor sings, especially when we harmonize -- he could be on the other side of the house, fast asleep -- and it's like, suddenly he's up on the piano with us. And he sings -- well, he meows," Moore said. "It's pretty sweet," she added. "We have, like, a little vocal trio." Moore just released her first new album in over 10 years,Silver Landings,which she co-wrote with Goldsmith and one of the members of her band. Moore also performed her song "Save a Little For Yourself" on the show.