Shania Twain Says Her Voice Is Changed

Shania Twain opens up about how vocal cord surgery has changed her personally and professionally in a preview forSunday TODAY."I’m never going to have my old voice again, and that’s just the way it is," Twain tells Willie Geist. "I mean, it's there. I have to go with it. I don't mind it." In fact, the 54-year-old country icon thinks her voice actually sound better after the surgery, which she underwent after contracting Lyme disease. "It's given me more room to play, to be honest," she explains. "I have gravel; I think it's kind of sexy." Twain was originally misdiagnosed with a vocal cord disorder called dysphonia in 2011 and has since undergone two open-throat surgeries. This past June, she toldExtraabout her ordeal, "That was really, really, really tough and I survived that, meaning emotionally I survived, and am just ready to keep going."

Photo credit: Getty images