"Shark Tank"'s Barbara Corcoran Recoups $400,000 She Lost in Phishing Scam

Barbara Corcoran lost almost $400,000 last week after falling victim to a phishing scam--but now CNN reports that she's got her money back. The scammers had tricked the Shark Tank star's German bookkeeper into wiring them $388,700 by requesting a payment for a renovation and using an email address that was similar to her assistant's. In a statement on Monday, Corcoran says the bookkeeper managed to freeze the transfer before it was deposited into the scammers' bank account in China. Corcoran added that her bank asked the German bank to freeze the transaction so her team could prove it was a fraud. She also said she'd "already accepted" that the money was gone and had "moved on," adding, "I really thought it was a goner."

Photo credit: Getty Images