Hot Pockets Heirees Gets 5 Months in Prison In College Admission Scam

An heiress to the Hot Pockets fortune is headed to prison after she pled guilty for her role in the college admissions scandal. Reuters reports that 49-year-old Michelle Janavs received a five-month prison sentence on Tuesday after she admitted to paying $100,000 for someone to take an ACT test for one of her daughters. She also paid $200,000 to get one of her daughters into USC by bringing an official there to have her falsely designated as a beach volleyball recruit. Federal prosecutors had sought a 21-month sentence for Janavs, while USC rescinded her daughter's admissions offer. Meanwhile, "Hot Pockets" trended Tuesday on Twitter as users couldn't help comparing Janavs toMeanGirls' Gretchen Wieners, whose father invented Toaster Strudel.